Ariee Shows Us “Sugar Daddy”

Ariee releases a bold single and accompanying music video with her new track “Sugar Daddy”. This track comes on the high heels of her 2020 singles, and in preparation for a new EP Fiya. The self-made artist is back to making music after developing her own brand, her new song “Sugar Daddy”. This single is a poppy and provocative look into a life of luxury.

Ariee began singing at a young age. Born in New Orleans, she developed prowess and confidence doing backup singing for well-known acts, as well as performing at jazz festivals. She has developed her own brand, with her own record label and strong singles she is asserting her presence in the music industry.

Watch The Video For “Sugar Daddy” Here

The song is a strong single for Ariee, ripe for radio play and catchy as club hit. This song is provocative in both its aesthetic and lyrics, but don’t let that fool you, Ariee displays some impressive vocal prowess on a poppy song like this. The beat solidifies this in the hip-hop space, while the chorus comes in emphasizing the songs pop appeal with catchy repetition.

The music video is an amusing look at the lifestyle Ariee lays out in the lyrics. Full of flexing money and expensive brands, the video is all about showing off. Comedic and full of pop culture references, the music video is an entertaining accompaniment to this single.

If you enjoyed Ariee’s new single “Sugar Daddy”, check out some of her previous singles. she is establishing herself as a strong presence in the music industry. “Sugar Daddy”, comes out in preparation for her new EP Fiya. Keep up with Ariee to listen to more of her music in the future.

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