Martin Feral Calls out with ‘The Calling’

Martin Feral

Everyone that follows the history of music knows that it is very cyclical. Good musical styles will always come back to the forefront. In our modern times, music is everywhere and great music can find its own path back to the people that will love it. Our recent find Martin Feral brings back the best of classic rock along with his own uniqueness.

The Irish born singer/songwriter was entranced by music at a young age. From the age of 12, Martin Feral was playing and performing. He developed his own style that blends the energy of classic rock with blues and funk. Martin claims such guitar influences as Rory Gallagher, Gary Moore, Joe Walsh. To add a modern piece, he is willing to open up his heart and write about personal experiences that can relate to his listeners.

‘The Calling’ by Martin Feral

The latest offering by Martin Feral is “The Calling.” Right away the energetic guitar licks take us back to a classic rock time where heads start bopping along. The strong sound grabs attention immediately. The vocals pour with power and emotion. Everything comes together so well. The rises and falls keep the listener tuned in to where Martin Feral wishes to take them. Add in an epic guitar solo and we are fully brought back to the perfect time in music history, today.

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