We love getting the chance to get a taste of the many different music scenes here in America.  Once in awhile we are given the chance to experience a band that is not even from this side of the world but sounds as if they could fit right in.  In fact much of the music that reaches us from far away is even more polished than their local compatriots.  One great example is our latest love, The Lotus.

The Lotus - Italy

The progressive rock band hails from San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy.  Not a place I have heard music from before but after hearing The Lotus it may be worth a trip.  The band is made up of Rox Capriotti (vocals & keyboards), Luca De Falco (guitar), Giovanni B. Falaschi (bass guitar), Kristal Cross (synths & programming), and Marco Lanciotti (drums).  There are influences here from much of the large arena rock scene such as Muse and Metallic as well as the exotic psychedelia of Pink Floyd and Faith No More.  The Lotus has been redefining their unique sound since they first met in 2005.  They have grown relatively well-known in Italy and are now poised to get noticed in North America.

Earlier this summer The Lotus released their Tomorrow EP which we were able to get a listen to.  The 4 song record does not aim to fit in with the mainstream music of today but instead define their own path that will force audiences to pay attention.  The title track ‘Tomorrow’ shows their impressive use of synths and interesting guitar lines to create something different yet very approachable.  The vocals sound heartfelt and invite listeners into the excitement that is the song.  The energy remains on ‘Why Are We Still Living In The Yesterdays’.  The driving guitar builds up to an impressive group chorus that will have audiences singing along in no time.  The synths here get eerie at times to remind you that this is something new.  Definitely keep an eye on The Lotus at: http://www.the-lotus.com and be the first to know them before they are thrust into the mainstream.

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