How many of us were pressured to pursue a “real” job instead of reaching for our musical dreams?  We all know that achieving success in this crazy music business is far from certain and we need extreme skill and luck to make it into a career.  Having a backup plan is not really a bad idea.  Some people will take the risk like our latest find, Lily.

Lily NYC

The non-conforming, one name star of Irish and Welsh descent was born in England.  She puts all her heritage into her quite original sound.  Lily is quite smart as well.  In fact she graduated Law school with honors before deciding to pick up and move to New York City to pursue her dream of music.  She got involved in many NYC musicals and off-Broadway productions utilizing her impressive vocal skills but all the while Lily was writing music for herself during rehearsals or slow time backstage.  After a meeting set up by a friend with the folks at Spin Studios Lily decided it was time to record an album.

She is now preparing to release her debut record titled Life Of Lily.  It is set to be released on November 5th with a record release party at The Red Lion on Bleeker Street in NYC.  The 10 track record features Lily really showing off her voice and the things she can do with it.  On songs like ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and ‘Walking In The Rain’ she keeps the melody simple while the vocals bounce along putting a smile on the listener’s face.  With ‘You’ she shows off her English charm with a song that tells a story.  There is good piano work here as well as group harmonies reminiscent of a 1950’s girl group.  The lead single off the album is the fun ‘Life Goes On’.  There are pieces of country, folk, and acoustic rock throughout.  The meaning behind the song of forgetting the little things that get you down and instead focusing on optimism make for a very enjoyable listen.  Definitely keep an eye on this rising star at:

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