There have been many great freestyle rap legends that were great on the street but could never translate that talent to a record in the studio.   There is a passion that exudes when a rapper has no idea what words are going to flow out of his mouth yet takes the mic to entertain on the fly.  It takes some time but these artists can convert to full fledged recording artists if they are willing to put the time in.  A good example of this is Asj.islam.


The freestyle rapper was born in Cleveland, Ohio and lived a nomadic childhood as his family moved from place to place.  This may have been an asset to Asj.islam’s development as he became excellent at picking up what was going on around him almost instantly.  This formed the basis for his freestyle rap style of pointing out the obvious with perfect timing.  After years on the streets he turned to record his songs in the studio.  It was not as easy as he hoped and the passion was lacking on his first attempts.  That didn’t stop Asj.islam.  He worked hard for years writing and recording and has no got to the point that he was striving for.

Now Asj.islam is ready to release an EP to expose his music to the world.  The 5 song EP is called No Grillz No Tattz No Chainz to show that this artist is not hiding behind anything but ready to show his true self to the fans.  The opening track ‘Dream’ begins with the old school sample sped up to make it relevant today while Asj.islam tells the story of his growing up.  This is a man not scared to hide anything.  On ‘Getting Mix’ he welcomes Damon Reel to bring his style to the track.  The pitter patter drop beat is original and creates a perfect background for the verse and group chorus.  The tone is slowed down on ‘Put 1 In The Air’ and even has a touch of soul in the beat.  The passion has definitely returned as the lyrics flow with heartfelt feeling.  Each track touches on a different aspect while remaining close enough to offer a straightforward listen.  Check out Asj.islam for yourself at:

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  2. rocky

    cant believe that someone with so much talent isnt signed or just further in his career-