There will always be a strong connection between music and the beauty of nature that inspires it.  When an artist allows herself to connect to the world and therefore connect to the listener, something grand happens.  One artist that can truly relate to this is our recent find Theda Phoenix.

Theda Phoenix

The singer/songwriter with British Columbia roots describes her style as spontaneous improvisational music.  She has been known to write music on the fly in front of a live audience as she incorporates the energy of the crowd.  Growing up with artistic hippie parents gave her a certain connection with the earth as well.  Theda continues to have a passion for creating a love-centered life, a concern for the conscious evolution of humanity and a focus on preserving our beautiful earth.  This is very obvious in her music as it creates almost ethereal sounds to go along with her soothing voice.

The most recent album by Theda Phoenix, Legacy was funded by a successful crowdfunding campaign through  The 13 tracks symbolize her thought that how we live today will determine the Legacy we leave and what we can aspire to.  The album is filled with layered harmonies that create an aura of comfort for the listener.  On ‘Your Fingertips’ she shows off her vocal talent for setting a relaxed mood while a simple melody glides into your soul.  There is a more upbeat style on ‘Light In You’ with a happy tone to entice us to see the positive in each other.  The acoustic guitar here sets a great mood.  Theda shows off her diversity on ‘Feels Good’, with rap style verses and a beat more reminiscent of an R&B song.  The lyrics remain thought provoking and poignant.  The title track ‘Legacy’ leans on more of an easy listening style letting Theda’s voice and lyrics shine through once again.  When you are ready to relax and connect with mother earth give Theda Phoenix a listen at:

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