There have been many great eras in alternative rock since its beginnings in the late 80’s.  The offshoots vary far and wide but all hold true to that ethos of making sound that fills a room with energy.  We found a band recently that is kind of a throwback to the early alternative days but with a spin that makes them stand out today.  Let us introduce you to The One2s.

The One2s

The band based in Philadelphia, PA consists of former solo act Leiana on bass and vocals and Sean Bombz – Guitar/Vox, Jay Dyer – Drums, and Julia Tasca – Guitar/Vox of the band Big Crowd Popular.  The new band, The One2s claim influence from classic standouts of the alternative and punk scene such as Sonic Youth, Placebo, PIXIES, Foo Fighters, and My Bloody Valentine.  It is a mix of shoegaze, brit-pop, and punk that is all their own.

Last month The One2s released The One2s EP One.  It is four tracks of raw energy that is as catchy as anything you have heard this year.  The opener “Wide Awake” jumps at you right from the start with a building war between big drums and driving guitar.  The bass line grabs you as well.  This is music that could have fit in as well 20 years ago as it does today.  The darker “Any Other Time But Now” is a haunting song that brought back an older memory of the band Joy Division to me.  The One2s show everything here even throwing a poppy radio friendly track into the mix with “Running Out Of Time”.  The closer “Alone” is a little more experimental to start but the sped up catchiness takes hold before you know it and your head is bopping uncontrollably.  This EP is a great start to something we believe is needed in the sometimes stale alternative rock scene nowadays.  Keep up with the band at:

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