Hip hop and rap music has gone through many eras in its relatively young history.  There have been many styles and offshoots to spread out the reach of hip hop into all areas of music.  Each area of the country has its own influence that sets their style apart from others.  Our latest find Radio Rahim puts together select pieces from rap’s past to make a style all his own.

Radio RahimRadio Rahim

He was born in Washington DC and raised in the heart of the South.  This enabled him to experience great diversity to add to his own mixed ancestry of Muscogee and Persian roots.  Radio Rahim discovered his love for musical performance back in middle school and has worked hard to perfect the art ever since.  He quickly developed into an eclectic, charismatic and motivated hip-hop artist.  Radio Rahim is unafraid to address real world issues that could make him unpopular in certain circles but the fans that do follow him are now educated as well as musically pleased.

Back in January Radio Rahim released his latest album In Full Effect.  The 10 track record bridges the gap between the warm flowing rap of the 90’s and the edgy socially aware rap of today.  The opener “Race Is On” sets the tone immediately with an old school beat and a flow that brings back memories of the past.  Radio Rahim seems to never be searching for a lyric, they come to him naturally.  “These Streets” has an interesting instrumental feel that seems speed up as the energy of the song builds.  It is raw and requires real concentration to follow.  He pays homage to the 90’s West Coast sound with “Death Row Flow” while staying away from the gangsta lyrics of the time.  There is some more diversity shown towards the end of the record with “Pop Stars”.  This is a man meant to entertain and educate along the way.  Gain some knowledge at: http://www.radiorahimonline.com/

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