There is music in our heads that always wants to escape into the real world.  Unfortunately it is not always the easiest thing to get the beautiful sounds in your head to transfer to the recorded medium.  Sometimes a little help is needed and a partner in crime/music.  This led to the creation of our recent find, Sprightly Moans.

Sprightly Moans

The Austin, Texas based two-piece have combined to play the loud and direct music that was bouncing around in guitarist Dave’s brain.  He found a like minded soul in drummer Jeff and the duo began sharing the sounds with the world.  The plan is to keep creating music that’s ready to throw down, give it all up, and burn everything in sight.

The release of Sprightly Moans Demos III is the most recent step in their quest for world domination.  The 3 track record plays the gamut for the listener to find something for everyone.  The opener “Blushes All Around” is a raw rock track with an interesting vocal delivery taht stands out.  Brought to mind Queens Of The Stone Age without all the extra sounds.  Sprightly Moans reach more for an arena rock sound with “I Wanna Be Afraid”.  The minimalistic angle with just guitar and drums keeps the song warm as well.  The EP ends with “Love Is Nothing Without Eternity.  This track is a distant cry from the others with its slowed down pace and plucked guitar style.  It is more of a campfire song that is listened to intently.  Big things are to come from Sprightly Moans.  Keep up with them here:

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