Being in a band is not just about performing fun pop songs and having a great time.  Don’t get me wrong that is fun too.  Some groups choose to be more socially conscious in their music and therefore write more meaningful songs that can grab a nerve with potential fans and create super fans that connect deeply with the band.  One such group that we discovered lately is The Phy?nks.

The Phy?nks

The Staten Island, New York based band is the furthest thing possible from a corporate creation.  The independent underground group creates a musical style that is very original.  The Phy?nks call it urban progressive rock.  Influences from all over the map can be heard from soul and funk to hip hop and experimental.  No subject is off limits with their lyrics either.  The Phy?nks tackle the tough subjects in a sophisticated and cutting edge way.

We recently had the chance to hear a few songs from The Phy?nks debut album slated for release this winter. Bluesy funk tracks like “Honey Love” open with horns and the soulful voice of sexy frontwoman TJ.  The groove captures the soul and will have your head bopping along.  The darker “Running Away” sets a somber tone with atmospheric sounds creeping along as the lyrics paint a picture that creates a feel of desperation.  The guitar solo fits perfectly within the song giving a chance of hope.  The quite progressive “Let It Go” pumps up the party atmosphere with a bass groove that will move some asses.  The song seems to go in any direction it chooses as the listener strives to keep up with what is next.  The Phy?nks can turn out a ballad too as heard on “Where You Are”.  The emotions are right out in the open for everyone to share here.  We are very impressed with what is out there so far and are looking forward to more from The Phy?nks.  Keep up with the latest at: 

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