Throughout our constant search for new original music in the underground we come accross some truly unique and innovative artists.  The beauty of it all though is that there is always something new to shock us as we dig deeper and deeper.  Our latest find To The Lovers may be hard to top though.

To The Lovers

The musical project is the product of the warped mind of Merthyr Tydfil.  The musician hailing from South Wales has developed a harsh noise genre that is all his own.  To The Lovers has been extremely busy releasing over 30 albums since 2010 of his innovative music.  To get all this into the world he launched Red Venice Records which has become a pioneer in the digital noise music genre.

The latest release is the full length album Ashworth.  The 12 track album is dedicated to EQ and Low Pass Filter Sweeps. All tracks recorded in one take using Animoog synth, Korg Volca Beat and An effects ridden guitar. Each track placed hard left and hard right in the stereo field, mastered then an Effect EQ placed on each, automated sweeps meant the two tracks would meet randomly at some point and the music/noise would come together and construct some kind of concurrent state.  Straight from the opener “Swollen Cunt” and its drilling sounds you know you are in for something extremely different.  The attack and retreat of songs like “Reductionism” will cause any mind to kind of wander into a place of wonder.  “Moons Milk” almost has a sort of regular melody at the start but that is quickly shattered by the input of other exotic sounds.  This is definitely a difficult record to describe but maybe song titles like “The Cycle Of Tragedy And Terror”, “To Keep You Is No Benefit to Kill You Is No Loss” and “The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors” will give you an idea of what you are in for.  We recommend you take the plunge and have a listen for yourself at: 


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