When an individual really loves and appreciates music and the beauty of crafting songs they can do amazing things.  If dedication is there to match a musician can go in any direction that they choose on any given day.  We recently came across a musician that has the skills and mind to do just that in OH.


The indie singer/songwriter and composer hails from Greece but now splits her time between the two diverse cultures of New York, NY and Athens, Greece.  The multi-instrumentalist OH. composes, performs and produces her music, plays the guitar (electric and acoustic), bass, drums, violin, piano and percussion. She is also an accomplished sound engineer and mixes and masters all her work.  Her voice is even more impressive with its smoky timbre that will draw in any listener.  

Earlier this year OH released a metal/rock concept album entitled Synemotion.  The 10 track record journeys through the complex emotional states we experience when overwhelmed by concerns and fears.  There is high energy guitar rock, psychedelia, and soft yet exotic metal pieces here.  How one amazing individual could do all this is a testament to the draw of creating music and the skills it can help develop.

The latest single from OH. is the song “Love Will Heal”.  A far cry from the songs on Synemotion this one is a soft ballad.  Enjoy the amazing lyric video it here:

The mix of OH’s sultry voice and warm piano and atmospheric background creates a beautiful piece of music that draws the listener deep into the song and its every nuance.  This is a gifted musician that will gather new fans with each listen.  Dive deeper into the OH. world at: http://olitunes.com/ 

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