One of the greatest ways to get noticed as an underground artist is to cover a popular song by another artist.  If you are able get the song out there online it will sometimes pick up some traction due to the title and gain some listens from potential fans that may not have checked out a new independent artist.  A great example is our recent discovery Meshach Abednego.

The gospel/blues artist from the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, NY was inspired to start creating music in 2013 by the birth of his first son.  His sound blends jazz, gospel, and delta blues to craft something relatable yet truly original.  His voice has a haunting quality that draws you in for a closer listen.  



Meshach recently released a cover version of the Bruce Springsteen classic “Born In The USA”.  The mellow acoustic version has alternate lyrics that tell the strong story of a man destined for success.  The gravel-voice style becomes intoxicating as you want to lean in and focus on the lyrics that Meshach Abednego has made his own.  There is a simple prettiness to the track that will make any listener hit repeat more than a few times.  Take notice of this underground rising star.

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