Music can provide many different emotions.  Sometimes all at once.  When an artist can combine different energetic genres of music into one cohesive and original sound the listener can choose which path to follow in their own mind.  Our recent find Distortion Of Events seems to have done just that to us.  

Distortion Of Events

The musical project born in Patton, Pennsylvania is the brainchild of composer Michael Lubert.  The entity had existed in experimental and theoretical forms for some time previously, but it was not until late in the year 2010 that its first output, the four-song Inclusium demo, became a reality.  From there the world was opened and possibilities started to flow for the innovative Distortion Of Events sound.  Many different genres are collided here but the major clash seems to be between electronic dance music and dark black metal.  This amalgam of styles creates an original sound that needs to be experienced from a fully relaxed and open mind.  Distortion of Events is careful to avoid treading compositional water, and instead each song is presented as a unique excursion into a surrealistic — and often nightmarish — sound experience.

The latest foray is the full length album Dying Destiny.  The 11 track record is an all out assault on the senses from start to finish.  The opener “Zero Hour” sets the tone immediately with spacy electronic beats mashing with a vocal delivery that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.  The experimentation of different sounds expands in “Draeck” with dark noises seeming to come at you from every angle.  The sounds on their own are innocent enough but when Distortion Of Events mixes them together with his menacing voice a fear creeps in that makes a listener take notice.  The exotic noises continue on “Sky Giant” but with the feel of this one it is like the listener is a slave to the all encompassing master who is everywhere.  The high pace of “Plasma Drone” will awaken the senses into an almost panicked state as you try to keep up with what is truly happening.  By the time the closer “Paralysis Fear” comes, the listener is defeated and lets the punishing heavy bass beat push them further into the dark world that has been opened up for them.  This is an utterly visceral experience.  If you are up fro the challenge take a listen and purchase the record here: 

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