The explosion of electronic music through the past decade has brought in many new fans.  One way to keep them interested is by evolving the sound.  This has grown the number of sub-genres throughout electronic dance music to huge numbers.  The key for the quality DJ is to stay ahead of the curve and not just become a follower.  Our recent discovery Astral Darkness seems to be on the cutting edge.

Astral Darkness

The DJ and Electronic Music producer hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina and is now based in London, England.  Many of the skills developed by Astral Darkness were learned in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.  These experiences paid off well DJing in cities such as Sevilla and Madrid.  To further his professionalism he also took a sound engineering course, specialising in music production and sound design for video games.  All this knowledge and experimentation has helped form Astral Darkness’ individual sound with pieces of such genres as Industrial, Trip-Hop, Big Beat, Dark Ambient.

Last month Astral Darkness released his 2nd full length album entitled Surreal Dreams.  The 12 track record pushes his sound even further into originality.  Right from the opener “Pulsing Star” the listener must prepare for a dark wave to come and encompass their mind.  The build up hits hard in this new dark world.  The lead single “Moondance” encompasses even more exotic sounds somehow blending together into a cohesive unit that attacks your ears from all angles.  To bring the full experience to a new level Astral Darkness has released a music video for the song as well.  Enjoy it here:



You can hear the influence of stars like Aphex Twin in tracks like “Crystal Forest” and “Action To Reaktion” with its menacing background mixing with innovative sounds up front in the speaker.  There is so much to listen to here just within one song.  A more laid back feel comes to light on “Magnetic Fields” as a trancelike tone will enter your mind and create a state of utter relaxation.  The interesting tracks continue to the closer “Drops In The Abyss” which will take that relaxed mind of yours and warp it even more with more exotic sounds coming in and out from everywhere.  As the track speeds up you will find that warped head bopping to the beat.  This is music to both relax with, wake up with, and make you think the whole time.  Go enter the Astral Darkness world for yourself at: 

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