The Radio Set Has ‘Gotta Crush On You’

Radio Set

New wave/indie rock band The Radio Set is new, having been around for less than two years, but they’ve already made a name for themselves in the British indie scene.

After forming online, The Radio Set created and released their first EP to sizable recognition and acclaim. They impressed Simon Raymonde of the Cocteau Twins and have been frequently recognized by BBC Introducing, creating quite the buzz around the band.

On Valentine’s Day, they’re releasing their newest song, “Gotta Crush On You,” and it might just be their best offering yet.

The Radio Set is Classic New Wave, but Modernized

NE Volume aptly describes The Radio Set as “Debbie Harry fronting classic New Order,” a notion that’s heightened in “Gotta Crush On You.”

Produced by New Order’s Peter Hook, “Gotta Crush On You” takes The Radio Set’s new wave aesthetic to a new level.

With a pounding bassline underneath an unmistakably ’80s synth hook, the song immediately transports you right back to the height of New Wave. Beyond their infectious sound, the songwriting is creative, the lyrics relatable and poetic.

These ’80s vibes run through the veins of The Radio Set, through upcoming “Gotta Crush On You” as well as each song on their debut EP.

Taking the iconic New Wave sound and modernizing it takes skill, but The Radio Set has done it fearlessly from the get go.

Their first EP is well-crafted from the start, and each song is unique. If you don’t want to wait until February 14 to hear The Radio Set (which you shouldn’t), their debut is very much worth checking out.

“Can’t Give You Up” is the perfect example of their indie/new wave sound. It begins with a gritty bassline that serves as the perfect foundation for lead singer Karen’s powerful vocals. Likened to Debby Harry and Kim Wilde, Karen gives The Radio Set an unmistakeable edge.

With Hook’s skillful production and the band finding their niche, “Gotta Crush On You” takes all of the ideas from the first EP and stretches them further. The chorus is catchier, the layers blend better, and Karen’s voice is stronger.

“Gotta Crush On You” will release on Valentine’s Day…just in time to use it to tell someone you gotta crush on them.

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