One of the most important and enjoyable parts of being in a band is getting together to write songs.  When band members click this process becomes easy as each member has his parts to add to make a complete song.  The whole is even better than the sum of its parts when this happens.  Bands that can keep writing songs non-stop will be able to sustain a career much easier.  The young band I discovered today is well on its way.  Meet The Rivals.

The Rivals

The Philadelphia based quartet has just entered their second year as a band and is already working on their 3rd album expected for release this summer.  The Rivals sound is an interesting blend of overdriven blues rock with a spacey psychedelic feel.  The group is comprised of pianist Wayne Gallagher, bassist Tom Williamson, drummer Bill Rose and Rob Swift on lead guitar.  The fact that there are three proven songwriters in the band makes the songs come out quick and often.  The ideas bouncing between these guys have crafted some attention-grabbing song.

At the very end of 2012, (not a great time to release a record as it gets lost in the holiday season), The Rivals released Divine Lorraine, a 13 track album with a desolate cold feel that makes you want to hold them close and let them know it will be alright because the songs are great.  I am glad we found it now.  Engineer Brian Ritrovato provided a woozy mix full of echo to create this dark and soulful feel.  Album opener ‘The Well’ is a sleepy slow jam that shows off the blues/jazz skill of the full band.  Wayne Gallagher’s vocal talents stand out here.  ‘The Reckoning’ is a slightly more upbeat track featuring impressive harmonies and a spooky touch that lets the song stay true to the album’s feel.  A song that truly grabbed my attention was ‘The Heavy’ with its simple stops and starts to grab the listener’s attentiveness, reminiscent of some tunes by the Black Keys.  Overall this is a full album perfect for a rainy day alone in a room by yourself.

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