There has been a move in the party/wedding business in recent years away from hiring bands and moving to DJs.  Obviously there are the benefits of a cheaper price and the need for less room and backline but doesn’t it take away from the grandness of the event?  I have never been a big fan of cover bands but they do have their place and these parties where the music is not the sole focus is perfect for them.  There are still tons of washed up musicians trying to make a living along this route but more often than not, there is a reason that they couldn’t make it as an original band.  The performance is key and when I see a band that can offer true to life cover songs and provide an interesting performance it really stands out.  One such band I came across is The Somebodys.

The band is based in London and has performed at hundreds weddings and other events throughout the area.  The Somebodys have been known to cater to the party that they’re at and make sure everyone is having a good time.  Rave testimonials come in week after week on their website.  With a set list that can range from Maroon 5 to Michael Jackson and Blur to The Beatles there never seems to be a crowd that they cannot impress.  This is the kind of band that can hopefully bring back the bands to the party.  They have the talent to do whatever they want and seem to be having the time of their lives at every event.  If you need a band in London, I highly recommend them.  The Somebodys are definitely not Nobodys.

Find out more and listen to the Somebodys at:

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