The Spring Releases New Single “Victoria”

Four-piece band The Spring hails from Florida, and their sound captures a summery, beachy feel that draws from the group’s experiences in the balmy state. “Victoria” is their second release of 2019, following “Colors of Consciousness” earlier this year. The single is a hopeful, energetic story of achieving success in the competitive music world.

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Though The Spring has a relatively short discography, they have achieved in this time a distinctive sound and mastery over the elements of their music. Founding members and the group’s vocalists and guitarists, Manny Fawcett and Matthew Rigsby, form a focused core of shimmering melodies while bass player Gabriel Ottomanelli and percussionist Levi Tate provide steady beats that ground the sound.

The style of “Victoria,” and the vocal performance in particular, is reminiscent of the alt-rock sound of The Arctic Monkeys. The Spring’s contemporary style is exemplified on this track, with a unique energy and refreshing eagerness that’s a joy to find in a new artist. The lyrics of “Victoria” speak not only to young musicians excited to find their place in the industry, but also to the feeling of youthful spirit more broadly.

The members of The Spring are based in the modestly populated, beachside Brevard Country, the group infuses their music with both the relaxed vibe you would expect from the Florida coast with a drive and aspiration for faster paced, big city experience. The result is a wonderful mix of relaxation and positivity that’s the perfect mood for summer.

You can listen to The Spring on Spotify and connect with them via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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