“There Are Heroes (Stay Put Blues) By Paul Helou

Cabin fever can have a devastating effect on the spirit if not treated swiftly and properly, and in his new single “There Are Heroes (Stay Put Blues)”, Paul Helou offers up some sonic medicine of the most melodic variety alongside some very worthy collaborators. “There Are Heroes (Stay Put Blues)” is a simple pop track that doesn’t break away from the standard mold from a compositional perspective, but for what it lacks in structural experimentation it more than accounts for in sheer likeability. There are a lot of interesting indie singles out at the moment, but in my view, this might be the most uplifting of its kind.  

Every element in this mix is contributing to the catharsis in the lyrical narrative, but I would stop short of saying that everything here revolves around the delivery of the verses. Indeed, the vocal harmonies that usher forth the words are definitely something to marvel at, but they’re accompanied by as many as five different instrumental components capable of creating a mood without ever uttering a single phrase. This is Paul Helou & Friends in every way, and through the sterling command and execution of our main man, there’s never an instance in which any of the players sound out of sync in the track or its cut and dry, shelter-in-place-style video. 

It’s been a strange summer on all fronts, but in “There Are Heroes (Stay Put Blues),” Paul Helou & Friends create some familiarity through pure melodicism that serves to get us back on track for the autumn ahead. Helou is definitely onto a smart formula with this song, and if it’s representative of what he wants to keep making in the future, I don’t see why this wouldn’t be only the first of many successes. Time will tell for certain, but for now, this is a choice way of getting to know his sound. 

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