Title Holder is ‘Going Insane’ with their new single

Title Holder

They say the worlds broken, and Ska wouldn’t care, they have a f**cking trumpet. It’s that crazy carefree attitude that makes bands like Title Holder so damn good. It’s the way that their infusion of pop-punk-ska with singalong hooks that brings a smile to the listener’s face. A trait heard throughout their all-killer, no-filler EP, Story of My Life. Listen to their track “Animal” to hear how good they sound. 

With momentum on their side, they have no plans to slow down. Frontman and songwriter Matt Sullivan is ready to hit us with another EP. To show us what to expect, he is releasing the track “Going Insane”. Like a letter to his past self, the song is about “being proud of the things you’ve overcome. No matter what you still have to work through hardships as crazy as they may make you”. For this one, he has enlisted the talents of Nik Bruzzese (drums), John James Ryan (tenor saxophone), Dave Heck (trombone), and Matthew Stewart (he has a f**king trumpet) to help deliver another infectious soundtrack.

“Going Insane” opens up with Sullivan delivering a toe-tapping groove on his acoustic guitar. At the same time, he shares the opening lines, “I’m not who you thought I was back then / I’m just trying to stay for the end”. After that, the rest of the band join in. Together, bringing the feel-good factor. The soundtracks they create are the secret sauce to Title Holder’s winning recipe. As soon as it enters your ears, you can’t help but smile with its upbeat vibes.

Press play on ‘Going Insane’ and enjoy the good vibes from Title Holder

The mood changes slightly when the lines, “Down and out, I know I got a long way to go / Figured out, I better take it all as it comes”, arrive. It eases back the energy to reflect their words. But, when the following verse arrives, so does the infectious tempo. This rollercoaster of moods repeats as the song continues. Don’t worry, as it does not spoil the party. 

As much as their music stands out, Sullivan knows how to assemble impactful lyrics. The story he wants to share is clear to hear. However, there are moments where his way with words stands out even more. One of these times is the lines, “Found out that it don’t matter where you’ve been / Only matters where you’re going”. Another example is, “Fake it till you make it now / Been hearing that so much lately / It’s driving me crazy, but it’s true”.

As “Going Insane” approaches its finale, the mood changes to a funky groove. It begins with the lines, “My mind explodes / I can’t believe I’m getting tied up when all you want to hold me down”. It slowly winds down in a way that feels like the sun is setting. As it does, they leave you the parting message, “I think I’m going insane”. It closes out another must-hear track by Title Holder. It’s rude not to listen to music when it sounds this good and puts you in a happy place. 

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