TK-SWAG Evolves to the ‘Crème de la Crème’


For any success in the music industry an artist must always be willing to grow and evolve. If you stay the same you may shine bright for a short while but before long your star will fade. Moving with the times can keep the fans interested and coming back to hear where you go next. Our worldwide search for rising stars led us to our new discovery TK-SWAG.

The talented independent artist also known as Torkuma Davies hails from Nigeria. What started as a hobby back in 2009 with the debut single “Tears” lit a fire under TK-SWAG to push forward with a music career. Originally just a rapper, he has devoted himself into learning as much as he could about creating music. Now TK-SWAG is known as a professional singer and songwriter having written for numerous local and foreign Artists. 

The TK-SWAG sound has developed over time taking elements from Dancehall, AfroBeat, and R&B. The genres are bent to craft something that is truly unique. The latest result is the album Crème de la Crème released last month.

Right from the opening title track we know we are entering a new vibe laid out by TK-SWAG. The production is top notch and fully fills the speakers with sound. The dance level is turned up with “Summer Vibe”. The beat gets bodies moving as the vocals push forward the fun of the time. 

TK-SWAG Brings The Energy

A more slowed down R&B tome takes shape on “Lies”. Coming in at just under two minutes, this one lets us take a little breather before jumping back into the party. This energy is pumped up by tracks like “It’s Not Enough” and “Firewood” where the full AfroBeat sound is blended in with an assortment of local instrumentation. 

The record closes on an interesting note with “Fairly Used Boyfriend” as sounds are brought in from all over the map to create something a little experimental. The party vibe is still there though as we move along to the track. This is music to make you move.

Keep up with more from TK-SWAG on his INSTAGRAM.

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