Year Over Year Shares What “Hell” Is Really Like

“I’m so scared – to call you” is a phrase reminiscent of the vulnerability that comes with love and heartbreak. It is also the first line of Year Over Year’s latest single “Hell.” The track comes in soft and solemnly, leading listeners into an emotionally explosive song ripe with vividly cutting lyrics. They paint a strikingly painful image of the regret and self-doubt that present themselves after a failed relationship.

The song’s instrumental matches Year Over Year’s emotional intensity. Soft, synthy guitar and piano set the backdrop necessary to drive home this isolated, personal, and down to earth feeling the song describes. Really, this is a delicate song that still maintains a sense of intensity and power. Much of this intensity comes from the vocal performance. It often feels raw and personal, taking cues from Blink-182 and Hobo Johnson that intermix with a more traditional singer-songwriter style.

Year Over Year is the project of Dorian Pintaric, a Canadian following his passion as a solo musician. He started out playing with bands during his teenage years, eventually finding his way to creating music that features his own perspectives on topics like heartbreak and hardship.

His previous solo work includes a self-titled EP. Unlike “Hell,” it showcases more acoustically driven songs. However, it does contain the emotional messaging on topics like love, longing, and sadness that make Pintaric such a relatable artist. His last EP exposes the core of who he is as an artist, and “Hell” is testament to his growth.

If you’re into emotionally driven songs and maybe even the ‘sad boi’ genre, “Hell” is a song you can’t overlooking! As Year Over Year continues putting out new music, he is bound to grow and continue to make track that are compelling and emotionally resonate.

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