Toffe’s Latest Single Paints A Beautiful Picture


In Denmark, and Scandinavia as a whole, the electronic scene is strong. It paradoxically comes across as both fitting for a more general, “mainstream” crowd and a “hipster” crowd. In any case, all crowds find it to be pretty cool. Synthetic, poppy rhythms thus soundtrack everything from university cafes to night outs and many local, talented artists choose this forum and genre to express their creativity.  Is Toffe the next star that we all know?

I have lived in Denmark for the past three years, and literally, everyone knows someone or at least knows someone who knows someone who is a touring, gigging artist—often in the realm of electronica. This often one degree of separation from the artist enhances and enriches the audience experience in an indescribable way. I recently attended the University of Copenhagen’s Spring Festival, a huge, free music festival only offered to students of the University. Local artists like Chinah and Sekuoia stole the stage and the audience’s hearts not only because of their talent and creativity but because of their relatability. You really feel like one of them could be your friend, friend of a friend, or even classmate. This combination of talent and relatability is inspiring.  

Toffe especially embodies this exceptional phenomenon.

Toffe is a 26-year old artist from Sweden who writes and produces all of his own material. His music style maintains the aforementioned paradox of appealing to the “mainstream” and the “hipster” fusing electronic and organic sounds topped with synth layers and pop hooks. The Line of Best Fit describes his latest single as “A joyous explosion of pop hooks, heady synths, and soaring vocals.”

Toffe’s latest single, “Painting Pictures” is not only a musical treat, but also gives the impression that you are listening to a new, talented friend from Sweden.

Check out this sweet Swede’s website here.