Faking Jazz’s New EP, “Quick Goodnight” Is The New Sound You’re Looking For

Faking Jazz is a very impressive indie band right here in Tallahassee. They’ve spent the past few years rocking stages across the city and, after this, they just might be your new favorite band.
Their new EP Quick Goodnight is like jumping in a pool of passion, pain and all things sublime. With just 4 songs, they’ve proven that there’s absolutely no style of music out of their reach. They’ve got head-nodding summer starters like “Bluff” and soul-stirring ballads like “Idle Hands”. Altogether, the duo has developed a wondrous blend of R&B, soul, and well, pretty much everything else.
And they’re definitely worth a listen.
A two part ensemble, I’d say they aren’t too far from thunder and lightning in a hurricane. Amber Phillips like thunder on vocals and Nicholas Kielbasa like lightning on guitar and keys. Collectively, their music is a shimmering light in the dark of a day passed. The rising sun after rainfall. A shining star leading you home.

Faking Jazz: The Right Kind of Different

You could listen a hundred times, and still never really wrap your head around their sound.
Amber’s voice alone is absolutely awe-inspiring. She hits every note fearlessly. Her vocal precision sweeps her from behind the speakers and right out on the floor in front of you. Their instrumentation is a whirlwind of eclectic strings and chest-pumping drums. Each bang of bass pierces your heart and makes way for the music that follows. The synths nuzzle themselves tightly beneath the sugar sweet vocals floating overtop of them.
Oh, and their lyrics are wildly poetic.
Faking Jazz steps into every song with an “open book” mentality. Each verse is like a tiny, glass window letting us peer into the very souls of their writing spirit. They use their music as an operating table, healing us all through song and verse.


Faking Jazz: Far From Ordinary

All things considered, this is some of the best new music you’ll come across. Quick Goodnight is a 4-song compilation of exotic sounds, unique song structure and isn’t quite like anything you’ve heard in a long while. It’s clear that they have the potential to be a big name band in the years to come.  Faking Jazz is young, charming, and most importantly, they’re damn good.
Their music isn’t something you listen to, it’s something you feel.
Let it ease your pain. Let it take you away.
Let it play.

Quick Goodnight by Faking Jazz

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