G Clef Fusion Continues to Experiment with ‘Recondite Obbligato’

G Clef Fusion

When a musician is given the time to incubate and develop their sound great things will come. Add in the freedom to not need to fit into any specific genre and style and real sonic explorations can be made. Our previously covered artist G Clef Fusion is back with even more sounds to have us question everything. 

The Chesapeake Bay, Maryland artist has been creating music since his early days. Years of playing in all sorts of genres has allowed Chuck Moyer, aka G Clef Fusion, to create a style that is all his own. Now with the free time to experiment more and further his music we are seeing a true display of challenging high energy music.

For his second full length offering G Clef Fusion has released Recondite Obbligato. It is delivered as a protest album against the mainstream music industry and its treatment of artists. Over 15 tracks we are taken through an edgy rock sound that leans into Jazz, Fusion, and Progressive sounds quite often. 

The album opens with “Proscenium of The Penetralia” and its heavy synth sound to create the energy needed to prepare us for the balance of the record. “Acoustical Apojove” hits on a more atmospheric and experimental tone. The energy crisscrosses all over the sonic spectrum to keep the listener’s mind moving in all sorts of directions.

We head a little closer to Jazz with “The Daring Beauty You” but as with much of G Clef Fusion’s sound, nothing is straightforward. He will take you on the journey that he sees fit. This will challenge your mind in quite an interesting way. A more angst ridden rock tone attacks on “By Weight Not By Tale.” Again there is no standard direction to follow. Noises come from all angles to paint an abstract tapestry of music. 

The sounds will continue to twist and turn through the bouncy “If I Only Knew” as well as the spacy organ meandering of “Kobayashi Maru.” An open mind will ever be expanding while listening to Recondite Obbligato. 

The journey will only grow further. Go along for the ride on the G Clef Fusion WEBSITE.

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