Some of the best music comes out of bands that are not afraid to relax and not take themselves too seriously.  This laid back attitude comes across on the record.  When music is forced it is easy to recognize and sometimes a chore to listen to.  Our newest friends Totally Awesome Summer have mastered the art of letting the music flow naturally.

Totally Awesome Summer

The synth-pop/rock band hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Their music is meant for fun enjoyable listening without the need for constant analyzation.  I would not call it simple though as there is a fresh take on the sound that is willing to expand out of any boundaries set by genre categories.

A few weeks ago Totally Awesome Summer released their self-titled debut album.  The 12 track record is full of high energy pop rock with catchy melodies that will bounce around your brain for a while.  The opener “Tootsiebelle” with its start-stop rhythm wakes up any listener to sit up and take notice.  The programmed drums blend well with the synths to create a nice background for the song.  The band shows a softer side on “Stephanie” with its haunting melody and laid back attitude that will mellow you out no matter what mood you were in.  Totally Awesome Summer puts their tongue in cheek style and lyrics on display on songs like “Average Looking Girls” and “She Loves My Danger”.  This is outright fun music.  The simple melody of the closer “Losin’ Susan” will make your head bob along and want for more.  Keep tabs on this fun band at:

Find the album on iTunes at:

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