Twig Is Ready To Lead Us To ‘Sunrise Addiction’


True dedication is more common in the independent music world than most parts of society but it is still rare. Real success it takes everything you have. You must be willing to do what it takes even if that means losing the individual that you thought you were. Our recent discovery Twig is the epitome of this philosophy.


The musical project is the result of casual musician Patrick Christopher turning to music as a journey and a destination. This self-transformation brought us Twig. After being an occasional artist, playing guitar, singing, and writing for 15 years, Patrick decided to fully commit his life to writing, recording and performing music. All useless distractions were given up. All free time was put into learning about spirituality, neuroscience, and the nature of the universe and existence itself.


This metamorphosis led to the debut album by Twig entitled Sunrise Addiction. The 12 track record is what he calls his enlightenment. His backdrop for a complete change in perspective. Right from the opener “Black Holes,” we know we are in for something quite different. The cacophony of sounds seems to come together in unison by the end of the 1 minute and 20 second song. The title track “Sunrise Addiction” provides a mellower groove for the listener to ease their mind and absorb the imaginative lyrics and energy of Twig.


As we go through tracks like “Same Old Ways”, “Wasting Your Days”, and “Passion Without Purpose” we can gather the thought process that Twig is trying to lead us on. His lyrics are delivered in a raw way that makes them relatable.



There is a more intuned spacy feel on “Observatory.” As the album ends with this track we are given a look at what the greater realm can hold. The mix of random guitar solos and background vocals opens up the sonic landscape even further. Somehow the lead vocals still give off that raw folk relatable sound letting Twig remain our troubadour and friend.


We were able to chat with Twig to try to get a peek into what he has now become.


To start, where did the name Twig come from?

Look at the bare tree in the dead of winter. Look closer. What is at the outermost points of the tree reaching for the morning sunlight?


How would you describe the music you create?

Twig is the not the creator, but the bearer of the fruit that is delivered through the whole tree.


Tell us about the process of producing Sunrise Addiction?

It produced me. Whoever started the project was completely consumed by it. All that remains is a Twig with a Sunrise Addiction.


What advice would you give to other artists creating unique music?

Trust it. It may not sell. People may not get it. Whatever fruit grows on us must drop. Clinging to it weighs us down. If we don’t let it go, the fruit will rot, and we will inevitably snap.


Where does the Twig project go from here?

A spontaneous drifter at heart, Twig is liable to sprout up on any given street corner greeting the sunrise with songs of celebration.


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