Should I Let Tyler Hutton In ‘Through My Window’

Tyler Hutton

Los Angeles singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Tyler Hutton creates memorable pop/rock music influenced by The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and many other mid-20th Century icons. “Through My Window” is his debut single and is the first of three tracks he will be releasing over the Summer of 2019. A full-length album is set to follow in early September. Hutton recorded “Through My Window” at Psychedelic Thriftstore in Highland Park, Los Angeles with producer Joel Jerome at the helm. He played and sang everything except the drum parts, which were contributed by Trevor Jimenez. 

“Through My Window” is a cool, chugging mid-tempo song that recalls the later Beatles sound. Built on a “Walking Blues” sort of quarter note pulse, the track has a hypnotic feel that pulls listeners in from the first bar. Hutton’s well-phrased lead guitar work sits nicely on top of the rhythmic guitar, bass, and piano underpinning of the intro. His lyrics convey a bit of menace once the vocal enters, telling someone “Please don’t look through my window / You won’t like what you see / Please don’t look through my window / Just leave me be.” The song seems to be about an intensely private person in a relationship who is fixated on his partner but still saying “Well, I fall in love every day / It doesn’t end with you.” This is a tale of complex emotions that the speaker is well aware of but shows no desire to change. 

Tyler Hutton has a lot to be proud of with “Through My Window” and he shows a great deal of future promise. This first single should build up interest in what he’s doing and his full-length release yet to come. Hutton has a classic, organic style that should be attractive to fans of literate songwriters. His personal twists keep every moment worth your focus and he’s clearly one of the more compelling musicians emerging right now on the L.A. scene.

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