They seem fewer and farther between lately but there are still musical collectives out there doing amazing and interesting things.  Perhaps it is the ease of sharing tracks on the internet that has lessened the old fashioned style of getting together and jamming to create organic sounding music that has a warmth and smoothness to it.  We discovered one recently in Uncle Watt.

Uncle Watt

The group of artists. musicians, and other eccentric folk is based in the Eagle Rock district of Los Angeles, California.  Uncle Watt is in essence a rock band but the rotating band of musicians have left influences from electronica, blues, surf, and dreamy-drone genres in the Uncle Watt sound.  This ever-changing narrative keeps the band fresh and constantly original.  All this sound is then run through a “retro-tronic” filter which adds the warmth and analog touch to bring it to another level.  

The latest release by the band is the full length Watt’s Happening.  The 12 track album is a journey through time and space that can be compared to a lucid dream.  The opener “Johnny Was A Spacer (Bonk Bonk)” sets up the tone immediately with its almost absurd sound that welcomes you into a different world of music.  The exotic flavor of artists like Frank Zappa come to mind.  The energy is evident in the instrumentation of “Wide Open Heart” but the vocal delivery contradicts that in such a way to make the listener stand up and pay attention to what is coming next.  The pretty melody of “Falling Up” sets up a more relaxed feel as the spacey background washes over the waves coming from the speaker.  There is even more experimentation on “Glowing Red Eyes” as noises seem to come from every angle to blend into a wild mix of sound.  By the time you reach the closer “Riley’s So Cool” it has been a long strange trip.  The influences of bands like The Velvet Underground and The Dandy Warhols comes to fruition as you take it all in.  When you are ready to take it all in dive into for more info.


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