When an artist can keep it real in their music it truly shines through.  Fans can smell a fake a mile away but when the music comes from experience the fans can latch onto and relate to it.  Our recent find SAVV finds pride in making music based on real life events.

The artist also known as Bernard Mitchell crafts an original hip hop sound that brings influences from the golden era of the genre.  SAVV dove in full force into the skills and knowledge needed to become a force in the scene at a young age and it shows.  He claims artists such as Ice Cube and DJ Quik as huge influences that set him on this path.  “I was drawn to the realness of what they were saying,” says SAVV. “The fact that they were talking about things that were real to my environment helped ingrain in me a level of truth that I try to embed in everything that I write.”

We had a chance to hear some of SAVV’s latest tracks recently and can see the rise of a talent.  The song “Day$” shows off his strong lyrical flow that seems to have an angry edge.  The beat and hook are bouncy and original making for a deep listening experience.  On “Beautiful Music” he shows off a softer side that leans more towards an R&B song with its pretty piano melody and sultry vocal delivery.  SAVV shows some range here.  The energy is pumped up on “Forreal” with an exotic beat that comes in and out at seemingly random intervals.  This style will keep you guessing as you try to focus on the story that SAVV is sharing.  Pay attention because it seems like the star is rising here.  

Go get a listen for yourself at: https://m.soundcloud.com/savv-9 


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