For a skilled musician who truly loves to make music there does not need to be any boundaries of genre that they must remain in.  You should feel the freedom to make music in any style you wish even bouncing from opposite sides of the spectrum from song to song.  Our recent find Marcelo Camela brought this to mind.

Marcelo Camela

The 25 year-old guitarist hails from Puebla City, Mexico.  He started his musical journey at the age of 12 and seems to have never put down a guitar since.  In 2009 he cofounded a Christian Death Metal band called Falling Darkness in which he was the lead guitarist, vocalist, and composer.  Aside from music Marcelo Camela has been very successful as well becoming a lawyer and an English-Spanish interpreter for many missionaries around the world.  

This year Marcelo wanted a little change so he started working on an instrumental album entitled Praise & Strings.  The 12 song record offers a vibrant yet intimate musical experience that shares his worship mission.  There is no particular genre as Marcelo Camela breezes through many to share his guitar skills.  Right from the powerful electric “Intro” you know this is going to be an interesting ride.  On “There Is Joy” there is a large anthem feel making the track lift you up to a higher state.  We get a relaxing slow down on “Arms Of Grace” which lets the beauty of the guitar shine through over a mellow beat.  The lack of lyrics allows the listener to use his own mind to paint a picture of praise and worship.  The speed of his metal side shows up on songs like “Lord Of All” and “Might And Glory”.  This is a man that really knows how to get everything out of his instrument.  The album closes on a more mellow note with “A Song For My Savior” which brings all the prettiness of sound together into a complete package.  

You can have a listen for yourself at: 

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