For me it has become abundantly obvious when an artist is just given pre-written songs to sing.  Unless they are also great actors there is no real emotion and relatability to the content of these songs.  On the other side of the coin when a musician pours his feelings and experiences into his music it becomes relatable to a wide range of fans that will dive into the artist’s career to help in any way they can.  As proof of the latter we introduce J.P. Edwards.

The singer/songwriter hails from Texarkana, Texas but spent much of his childhood travelling around the country with his family.  What was great fro the variety of life experiences was tough for a young boy as the solitude of ever changing friends can be difficult.  Fortunately J.P. Edwards discovered songwriting as a means of dealing with these emotions.  His musical style is very honest, loving, and helpful.  He says it best in his quote “At the end of the day, it all has to be about love, or it is worthless.”

JP Edwards

On October 16th will be releasing his EP Hearticulate with the help of Artistry Entertainment Group.  We recently had the chance to hear some of the songs and were impressed with the beauty and tenderness of the music.  The mellowness of “Destinations” creates a warm safe place to sit back and relax with J.P.’s smooth touching vocals and pretty melody.  There is some more energy to “Drop Everything”.  The acoustic guitar strums along as J.P. and a currently unknown female voice share the lyrical duties to pair perfectly.  This is a track to swoon over.  The minimalistic “Move On” shares what seems like a very personal experience with a ray of hope.  This would be a fantastic song to see J.P. Edwards perform in a small coffeehouse venue where everyone in attendance would be silent with their jaws dropping at the talent.  There is much more brought in on “Stargazing” as the soundscape is filled with noise from every angle combining to form something strong and powerful.  Again I am amazed by the beauty of what J.P. can craft within a song.  On “Ties” he keeps some keyboard and bass in the mix to produce a full song.  There is true emotion in the lyrics which show off Edwards impressive vocal register.  The buildup of this track into an all out anthem provides a great outro.  We are looking forward to the full release and more by J.P. Edwards down the road.

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