Principe Valiente’s Latest Single Is As Precious As “Porcelain”

Although hardly a psychedelic number, there’s undeniably something rather mind-bending about the melodic trappings of Principe Valiente’s new single “Porcelain” that is immediately inescapable. From the circular nature of the beat to the consistent chokehold applied from a crushing bassline, “Porcelain” has a way of hypnotizing the audience and drawing us away from reality, if only for its four and a half minute running time. Principe Valiente provides a sterling voice amidst the darkness, and relative to the other componentry of the track, it feels like a beacon of light at the end of a dark and mysterious tunnel of musicality. 

One of the most interesting parts of this arrangement is the way the verses meld with the guitar, as though one is leading the other – though we’re never quite sure which is at the head of the charge. Principe Valiente is never forcing anything, but instead allowing for the song to come together like a growing puddle beneath a rain cloud; its shape is determined by the flow of the beat and, to some extent, what lyrical content it’s made to frame. There’s emotion everywhere we look, but it isn’t overwhelming, and this is almost solely because of the carefulness with which our man is sewing every piece of the sonic patchwork together. 

Watch the video for “Porcelain” below

If this is on par with what Principe Valiente’s sound is going to consist of in future releases, he’s going to get a lot of love from the alternative press in 2022. His is a style that recalls the old school in post-punk, but next to the goth throwbacks that have been gaining traction in the mainstream lately, this is a decidedly more versatile look – and one that has the potential to bring its creator a lot of influence over a swelling underground in need of better leadership. 

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