One of my favorite benefits of the internet is the ability to find music from opposite corners of the world that I would never have discovered through the old radio model.  There are musical acts from all over the world that would fit well with mainstream pop radio if they were only discovered.  A great example is our recent find Voice Of Men.

Voice Of Men

First established back in 2007, the vocal harmony group hails all the way from Malaysia.  Four students from the University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) got together to enter a national band competition called ‘Gegar U’ organized by Astro, a Malaysian Direct Broadcast Satellite pay television service.  Each member shared their special talents to form Voice Of Men with the goal of entering the mainstream pop music industry in the Pop, R&B, and Jazz genres.  

The latest single by Voice Of Men is the impressive “This Is My War”.  At its start there is a real rock energy that brings to mind bands like Linkin Park.  The vocal performance is strong as the beat powers along creating a full listening experience.  

Take a listen for yourself at:


Keep up with more Voice Of Men at: 

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