There are many bands out there that have been making music for years, staying under the radar, and being fine with that.  When the passion is solely to make music it doesn’t matter what comes of it.  A band we have followed for a little while now that fits this mold is Red Martian.

Red Martian

What started back in 1999 in Seattle, Washington as a way of releasing some creativity has been churning out song after song the whole time.  The punk ethos has played a major role in the Red Martian story as the band created an original sound that was all their own.  Through the years they have released five CDs, six vinyl LPs, and four acetate limited-edition EPs on the band’s own label Bughlt Records.

Back in 2013 Red Martian released Slow Motion Samurai.  The 13 track album keeps along the bands neue-shoegazer sound.  The opening title track “Slow Motion Samurai” sets the tone with a raw yet fulfilling song with a droning melody that opens up your ears and mind.  There is a little more rock energy in “Emeraldas” with a driving rhythm section pounding ahead while the vocals stay deep in the mix letting the music lead the way.  They can slow it down and create real emotion as well on “Donkey Back Ride”.  The melody stays simple using a toy piano style of playing.  It is hard to take each song on its own but the album creates a full experience by the time you get to the closer “Greying” the music will have worked its way deep into your soul leaving you with a more relaxed and easy feeling.

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