We can all agree that making music is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.  Most of us will always have to work a day job but there is always time to make music for ourselves and to share with the world.  In our continuing worldwide search we recently came across Vasilis Maglaris who is more than happy to find time to create music.  


The imaginative musician was born in Patras, Greece in 1979 and now lives, works, and makes music in Athens, Greece.  Vasilis has been playing bass and guitar since 1998 in a variety of different bands such as The Moofs, The Axeman’s Jazz, Nooneplays, and The Lost Day.  During the day he works as a hardware / software engineer but truly enjoys creating music in the garage, punk, indie rock, psych 60’s, and post rock genres.  

The latest release by Vasilis Maglaris is the double single Who Loves Control / Scream.  This is a wild experiment in sound and textures that will possibly warp your mind slightly.  The vocals are buried deep in the mix of droning guitars and layered noises that create a full sonic experience.  He claims VU’s song Who Loves The Sun as the basis for the track.  “Scream” is a little more aggressive with grinding guitars and drums pummeling away in the washed out mix.  Definitely an adventure for the open minded.  Take a listen for yourself at: https://bm79.bandcamp.com/


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