There is a whole other side of the music industry that sometimes goes unnoticed.  Yes it is a true talent that creates original music but there is a whole different set of skills to take music and mix songs together into a whole that is even better than the sum of its parts.  Our recent discovery Silver Circle knows how to craft a perfect playlist.

Dj mixes the track in club

The DJ and producer is based in Virginia and works out of the Silver Circle Music Production house.  He claims his mother was the greatest influence on his love of music, even if he never took to the music his mother preferred. the passion was there and transferred well.  The Silver Circle style takes well known songs and blends them with his original style that keeps the listener tuned in to see what will come next.  

Enjoy the latest EDM mix from Silver Circle here:



As Silver Circle says “For me, it’s all about sharing the music I really like…so if you made it to my mix you really made me happy and possibly everyone who follows my music. Have fun and keep creating from your circle of happiness!”


Read more and contact Slver Circle at

Sound Cloud:




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