Waves_On_Waves Releases Synthony Of Destruction

Waves_On_Waves releases a new album in collaboration with a plethora of other artists, Synthony Of Destruction is stylistically diverse while remaining cohesive in tone. This project is a revival of a combined amalgamation of post-industrial, goth-rock, synthwave, and more. A revitalization of retro dark and grit combined with a modern flair of pop stylings and hooks.

The first track “My Favorite Complication” serves as a great introduction to the sound “Waves_On_Waves” are putting together. In collaboration with Let Em Riot, this song has driving industrial percussion with a dramatic vocal. Frenetic synths outline the track and give it a danceability.

Listen to “My Favorite Complication” Here

Another song that embodies the dichotomy of dark and gritty while at the same time highlighted in bright neon, is “More Than Human.” This track sounds like a cyberpunk club hit, full of action and ambiance.

Listen to Synthony Of Destruction Here

In collaboration with Crimewave, many songs on the album add to the aesthetic. Both “Conformity” and “Malevolent” add a lot to the mysterious atmosphere in the middle of the album. They feature synths that are bright and defining while remaining dark and ominous, creating an auditory twilight that captures attention.

Something unique on Synthony Of Destruction is its use of horror themes in many of its songs. The whole album blends genres and mediums, but in particular songs like “Serial Killer,” “She’s Jack The Ripper,” and “Zombie” all bring to mind images of classic horror icons. Ominous ambiance and stabbing synths fill this project and add exciting suspense.

Two tracks near the end of the album feature a collaboration with Vortex85; “Roller Coaster” is the first, featuring some energetic synth sequencing and a driving beat. This track feels like the climax of a futuristic action movie. “Cold Black Heart” closes off this album, echoing with haunting synths as whispered vocals give an uneasy feeling. The chorus blends in a cool, sleek tone on the vocals before a wash of noise tears up the track.

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