VRL Celebrates Valentines Day With ‘Kill 4 U Die 4 U’


With today being Valentine’s Day, there are always a lot of feelings out there. Some celebrating the love of the season and others looking down on the capitalistic view of a Hallmark holiday. There is pressure on both sides. Our new discovery VRL offers her take with the new single “Kill 4 U Die 4 U” released today.

The Los Angeles, California based artist has many talents. Valerie Rose Lohman, also known by her initials VRL, has been a successful voice actor and video creative. Now she is launching her music career with the song and an upcoming debut EP scheduled for later this year. 

For their debut VRL dives back into an 80’s dark synth sound with “Kill 4 U Die 4 U.” The atmospheric vibe fills the speakers with a cold vibe pushed forward by an ominous keyboard sound and a steady electronic drum beat. The chorus brings light to the dark with an almost uplifting vocal style. As the sounds meld together it creates a unique feel that is perfect for the Valentine’s Day holiday which is just as confusing. 

We hope to hear more soon from VRL. Keep up on their website and social media here:






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