“Amber” Is Poetry In Motion By Fintan McKahey

Cork, Ireland is home of lo-fi singer/songwriter Fintan McKahey. Fintan has laid his roots in Cork County and built Ivy Hill Studios in neighboring Skibbereen. From the comfort of Ivy Hill Studios he writes, records, and produces all of his music. His new indie/folk single “Amber” debuts today.

Fintan describes his new single as a love song “through and through.” I have to agree with that assertion. The lyrics have a flowing tenderness, like a stream running through a brook in the woods. The song’s affirming language conjures images of lovers grasping one another while deeply gazing into each other’s eyes. The power of love and the strength of partnership a couple share are what “Amber” emanates. The chorus line “Hold it down, coz I’ve found I’m useless without you” resonates in your chest.

The strummed guitar leads the way as a lightly plucked muted guitar follows in tow, adding texture through well placed windows. The steel pedal sways in the background like tall trees in a brisk breeze. The drums accentuate every step giving the song nuanced momentum like a car navigating a winding road, picking up speed as it swings from curve to curve.

Full round notes, organic tones and soft propensities lay the foundation to Fintan McKahey’s delicate yet sonorous vocals. His discography lives in indie/folk. The production quality and writing prowess of his music reminds one of indie/folk giants Jack Johnson and The Head And The Heart. Fintan has released a fantastic stream of singles the last couple of years. In 2020 “Platinum” was followed by “Goodbye.” In 2021 we received “Lost Balloons.” With newfound inspiration from an addition to his family, we are now blessed with the 2022 release “Amber.” All which makes us wonder… When do we get the next LP/EP?

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