Fintan McKahey Introduces The Good In ‘Goodbye’

Irish Indie-pop artist Fintan McKahey plays the guitar singing into the mic

Fintan McKahey releases his second single of 2020 before the year rounds out. Much how summer melts away into pumpkin spice season, McKahey’s smoldering vocals and dulcet guitar lull listeners into gentle repose. “Goodbye” is a quiet, sensitive track that is as dark as the sky at 5pm on winter days.

Like Father, Like Son

Considering his background, it is no surprise that McKahey successfully writes and produces his own music. His father, Rob McKahey, is the drummer for Stump, while his uncle is none other than Liam McKahey, singer of Cousteau. All three artists began music careers out of Ireland, falling under the wide umbrella of the indie genre. Fintan McKahey took note of moody musicians such as Chet Faker, Still Woozy and Bonobo. From their influence, he developed a “smoky” sound with gravelly vocals and ambient low-fi beats. Think Milky Chance, with a hint of an Irish accent and a healthy dose of brooding.

One of the most admirable traits of McKahey’s talent is his fearless exploration in instrumentation. His latest EP, God Games, includes hypnotic tracks like “Cultural Trance” and “Cold Hours, Pt. II.” It’s easy to see McKahey isn’t afraid to play with variety as his songs feature a sweep of electric guitar and sultry saxophone.

“Goodbye” comes in the wake of McKahey’s previous single, “Platinum.” Like its predecessor, “Goodbye” creates a mellow dreamscape that listeners can sink into the moment they hit ‘play.’ The track reflects on the act of facing reality when there is no happily ever after. “It’s an observation of the struggle at the end of a relationship, when both sides are clinging on in hope of salvation,” says McKahey. In a hushed whisper of lyrics, he comforts the fallen lover in the song. Irish singer Ava Archbold complements the track with her hushed vocals as McKahey layers carefully plucked chords to cushion the blow of what feels like failure.

McKahey’s work is the perfect pairing to somber rainy days or the chill of autumn. Queue up his tracks on Spotify or follow him on Twitter to hear the latest news about new releases.

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