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Waves_On_Waves Releases Synthony Of Destruction

Waves_On_Waves releases a new album in collaboration with a plethora of other artists, Synthony Of Destruction is stylistically diverse while remaining cohesive in tone. This project is a revival of a combined amalgamation of post-industrial, goth-rock, synthwave, and more. A revitalization of retro dark and grit combined with a modern flair of pop stylings and

The Fibs Bring Back Strong Dark-wave Shoegaze

The Fibs self-titled second studio album isn’t a particularly cheerful affair – if you’re searching for life-affirming uplift, look elsewhere. Preston Newberry’s lyrical gifts grapple with life in all its unwieldy internal and external manifestations and definitely possess a curt focus driving to the heart of each song’s subject matter. There’s a frame of reference