$ky Yung Is wakingupdead On Debut EP and Interview

$ky Yung

Music has always been known to be a savior. It can bring us out of our own depths and give us reason to enjoy life. Our recent discovery $ky Yung has recently started using the art of creating music to bring him from a depression. This has related deeply with a growing following that is pushing him to make more music that can be their light in the darkness.

The Pennsylvania native just released his debut EP wakingupdead. The 6 track record by $ky Yung crashes genre barriers by mashing post rock, emo, alternative, and hip hop. The opener “fade away (honestly)” sets the dark tone immediately with heavy yet minimal 808 beats shaking your body while the lyrics shake your heart. This is deep listening.



On “rainfall” $ky Yung continues the dark vibe with a mesmerizing melody and vocal delivery that demands an ear pressed to the speaker to soak it all in. The amalgamation of sounds and styles makes for something truly unique.

$ky Yung Can Be Dark Yet Mesmerizing

Comparatively, there is a sound of hope on “purple dream (trees)”. $ky Yung has mastered creating these atmospheric melodies that creep along letting your mind relax while your full body experiences the song. The production is very good for a debut EP as every sound seems to have its own space in the mix. On another dark yet hopeful song “hope” the production talents of JC Beatz are brought in to step it up another notch. The lyrics are very personal letting the listener into the dark yet interesting world of $ky Yung. We have all been there so it is nice to relate.

The record closes with “fallen angel (outro)” which leaves us wondering where we can go from here. Pretty and elegant piano rambling adds another element to the mix. These songs demand multiple listens to take it all in. Dive into his SOUNDCLOUD to experience more.

We had a chance to catch up with $ky Yung to learn a little more about what motivates him and what we should expect next.

Your sound is a combination of a lot of genres. How would you describe your music?

I would describe my music as emotional, introspectional, and pretty melodic for the most part.


What pushed you to seek a career as a musician?

Music has always been the most important thing in my life. Although I’ve only been recording music for a few months now, I’ve always loved it and now my supporters are pushing me to go harder after my debut EP.


Which artists have influenced the modern $ky Yung sound?

I grew up on bands like Underoath, The Used, MCR, Sum41, Silverstein and a ton more. My favorite rappers are Mac Miller, Earl Sweatshirt, Phora, and X. A lot of my inspiration comes from rap and emo/alternative. My all time inspiration is definitely Lil Peep. His music is more relatable to me than anyone’s and I have a ton of respect for him.


Tell us about your debut EP wakingupdead?

The title and really the whole EP itself is about a year I spent in isolation struggling with depression, heartbreak, and drugs. I decided on that title because I was used to waking up depressed and aching, feeling dead at the time.


What advice would you give to other artists creating original music?

I would say to be exactly who you want to be and to make exactly the type of art you want to make. And not to allow outside influences/pressures to influence either.


What is next for $ky Yung?

I’ll be dropping some music videos in the near future, and some singles will be dropping soon!


Keep up with $ky Yung on Instagram too at: @sky_yung_

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