We Used To Make Things Bring Some Jazz To Your Day

We Used To Make Things

We Used to Make Things is more of a super-group than a band, I would say. This ensemble features eight people (yes, you read that right) in order to help perfect a very New Orleans jazz band meets The Beatles sound. Matthew, the creator of the band, started having a musical breakthrough back in 2008 after losing his job. After compiling together quite a few other talents, we now have We Used to Make Things.

Their self titled debut album is hot off the press and features 11 tracks that are the perfect addition to your end of the summer playlist. In addition to this new album, they have a track that’s title spoke to me more than you could imagine… It’s called “We’re All Fucked Up.” This track has a very cheery start, despite the title, and the music video that accompanies has that Across the Universe (yes, the movie) vibe to it that I absolutely love. Despite the very gleeful sound of this track, the lyrics will prove otherwise. The highlight of the track is that chanted “we’re all fucked up” refrain.

We Used To Make Things Provide Unification In The Misery

Going back to the album itself, I would have to say that I was particularly caught by “Colin Is Unwell.” The title of the track caught me completely, but it’s the beat that really drew me in. The vocals have such a range to them that really keeps you entertained throughout the entire track, and the constant tempo change makes it all the more interesting.

The eighth track from the album “What Are We Fighting For” is one of the slower tracks from the album, and is almost as soft as a lullaby. There’s some very beautiful acoustic guitar strumming that starts off the tune that leads into some equally as beautiful vocals. The metaphors in this track also seem to resonate with me, giving more depth than meets the eye. Overall, this album definitely has some variety to it, a very nice change of pace to your day.

Check out “We’re All F**ked Up” over on YouTube.

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