Who What Where – New Pop Rock Perfection

The process of building a band can take some time but when the right lineup is assembled things start to move very fast.  Just start making music with those around you and keep at it.  Things will fall into place and develop just like they seem to be doing for our recent find Who What Where.

Who What Where

It all started in Indianapolis, Indiana back in 2012 as a duo project with singer/songwriter Ty Stuart and multi-instrumentalist Isaac Hero.  Before long they added High School classmates Jeremy Snyder and Tyler Andrzejewski on rhythm guitar and drums to form Who What Where.

Once together Who What Where started creating a pop rock sound with an edge that is as catchy as it is energetic.

At the turn of 2016, Who What Where headed to the studio to record their debut EP Overdue.  The 4 song record is set up like a complete story.  The opening “Intro” sets the tone with atmospheric sounds behind a sampled vocal from a speech by John F. Kennedy to create a fully immersive experience.  On “Hook” Who What Where introduces their impassioned musical style that pulls out emotions and relatability to the music.  The highlight of the record is “Body”.  It is a super catchy song with vocals (and sometimes raps) that welcome all listeners into a cozy place where the band is their best friend.  This is excellent songwriting, take a listen here:



The closer “Conclusion” is a little more dreamy but the emotions still ring through to form a bond with the listener.  

You can find Who What Where and there music here:

Stream on spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/23oOcR8a0aVRIfLzlyPjCg

Buy on iTunes: https://itun.es/gb/UH76ab

Twitter: @WhoWhatWhereUS

instagram: @whowhatwheremusic


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