Stoner Train – Back From Their Absence With Some New Sounds

When a real musical connection is made it can withstand a break and get right back to business when the time comes.  Life will get in the way sometimes but nothing can stop music that needs to be made.  The band Stoner Train is a great example of this.

The band was started by Serj Gdanian in Moscow, Russia in 2011.  They play a style of music that blends Southern Blues with Stoner sounds that creates something raw and unique.  In their time in Russia, Stoner Train released 2 LPs and 2 EPs that caught on in the underground in a number of different countries.  In 2013, the band moved to Berlin, Germany and released a third album with the help of Ivan Mostacci from Italy.  Stoner Train then decided to take a break and went over 2 years without writing any new music.  

Stoner Train

Now the music is back and Stoner Train is working hard to put together their fourth studio album.  They have started a Kickstarter campaign to help cover the costs of the recording and release. Here is the link: .

Help Stoner Train Get This New Album Made And Get Some Cool Perks

To keep the fans on board, last month Stoner Train released a double single to get a taste of the new music.  On “No Money, No Home” there is an immediate energy that grabs the listener by the throat.  There is a touch of gypsy punk here that sets the track apart.  The other single “I Know The End” slows it back down and uses the drawn out stoner sound to ease the mind and get you thinking.  These are two very different songs and we are excited to see what the new full album will be like.  

You can keep up with the band at:

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