Rick Shaffer and His Pure Gristled Classic Rock Sound

Rick Shaffer

Everyone loves a little tambourine feature in the songs they listen to, am I right? Exactly. Well if you’ve been searching for a tune drenched in tambourine clanging wonders, look no further than “Going Down Slow” by Rick Shaffer of Tarock Music.

Rick Shaffer Wastes No Time

This track starts off very upbeat, giving you no time to ease your way into the music. It just throws you right in the game, apparently halfway through a note. Definitely not going to say it’s a bad thing, though. There seems to be a classic as well as a southern rock style going on with this one that is evident right from the very beginning.

The vocals somewhat resemble a Bon Jovi sound that goes along well with the instruments, as they give off that classic rock sound that we all love. The vocals are definitely on the raspy side, but that of course was a true staple of classic rock music, so having that to back up the quality doesn’t hurt at all. Along with the awesome tambourine, the guitar in this track is quite impressive as well.

While looking through the tags associated with this track on SoundCloud, I stumbled upon a few that read “driving, open, road” and when I saw that, it all kind of clicked. This is definitely a good open road track, especially on a warm summer night. There’s something about it that provides a nice edge while being able to maintain a consistent melody that really gets you dancing along.

Overall, I’d have to say that this is one catchy tune that will get your night started off just right. There’s a lot of raw energy behind it that transfers through to you as you keep on listening. There’s a slight southern rock influence to it that’ll really add to the entire aspect of it as well, so it’s well worth the listen.

You can check out “Going Down Slow” over on SoundCloud today.