Savage Stars – Release Debut on YouTube

It has become very obvious that YouTube is a great outlet to discover new music and watch independent music videos.  Any artist has this useful resource to use, for free, to get their music out there.  Our recent discovery Savage Stars has started taking advantage of this.

The artist hailing from Dallas, Texas is emerging quickly in the underground Hip-Hop scene.  Savage Stars proves there is no need to put together an expensive and overproduced video to get your sound out there.

Recently Savage Stars released their first self-made music video for the song “They Know”.  Enjoy it here:



The track is a mellowed out hip hop track showing off the way a chill beat can drive forward with some good lyrical wordplay.  The listener is welcomed into the real life of Savage Stars.  The drippy beat will have you bopping your head along nice and slow.

You can keep up with what is coming next at:

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