Shiva Ali – Finding Inspiration Pharmaceutically

Shiva Ali

It is an accepted but somewhat hidden fact of the music industry that illicit substances play a big part in the creation of music.  This is not to say that every musician is a junkie, and many will never use drugs at all but with the help of certain drugs, the mind can be opened to a whole nother world of influence.  Our recent find Shiva Ali has harnessed this power to create something fresh.

The young artist from Sherman, Texas has developed an experimental form of hip hop that is truly his own.  The childhood of Shiva Ali was sort of sheltered as he did not really fit in and ended up spending much of his time alone.  It all changed in a dorm room in San Marcos, Texas when he took LS for the first time.  The mind of Shiva Ali was opened up to a totally new experience as he explored the music hiding inside.  Shiva says “he expresses his intimate smoked out feelings through creative ways that give ears a refreshing sound that is a new age of weird.”  It has become his process to smoke weed until he is super stoned and then just vibe to the beat until the lyrics and music start to flow.  There is nothing holding him back.  Shiva Ali does not try to conform to the mass marketed music that is the mainstream of today.  This freedom creates true originality.

Open Your Mind To Shiva Ali

The latest track from Shiva Ali is the single “Unixorn Parking Zone”.  From the name alone you know you are in for something quite different.  The beat crawls along dripping with grime that lets your mind relaxed.  The vocal style demands full attention as he comes from all angles.  The sounds seem to do the same keeping the listener guessing what will come next. The vibe will leave your mind fully relaxed and almost stunned when the song comes to an end.

You can follow more of his mind on Twitter @ShivaAli 

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